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Giving Tuesday photo strip
Dear Parents, Staff Members, and Friends, 

Our community finds itself in a pivotal period after enduring, and continuing to endure, a global pandemic. CMS has been the educational and community support for many families during the COVID-19 pandemic and we continue to rely on donations from current families, extended families, and alumni to operate CMS as successfully as we have. As we begin to enter into a post-pandemic world, we are appealing to your desire to make a difference at our school. From a practical standpoint, the donations you make help us fill the revenue gap we experience annually. We are complex in our operational needs, yet our tuition remains much lower than similarly complex schools in the Annapolis area. We depend on your monetary contributions– your volunteer giving ethic–  to operate a non-profit independent school. Your philanthropic ethic has made, and will continue to make, real financial impacts at CMS. 

Your gifts to CMS contribute to the betterment of society and the world at large. Montessori education compels our staff to seek societal change by working with each of your children to help them become confident, respectful, kind, and independent individuals with well-developed powers of reasoning and a joy for learning. You have chosen CMS because this is our mission, and we are heartfelt in its implementation. Our staff works hard to keep our mission central in the work that we do. We are passionate about Montessori standards; meeting each of your children where they are in their development while working with their potential. This is part of what makes our school different from other educational models.    

Chesapeake Montessori School is special for so many other reasons. I encourage you to reflect on the ways in which the school is special to you and your family. How does CMS make a difference in your lives? How has belonging to our community impacted your parenting or your viewpoints on education?
Thank you for being a part of Chesapeake Montessori School, and for your all the ways that you make our community a better place to be, learn, and work. 
Robb Wirts 
Head of School