What makes Chesapeake Montessori different from a typical pre-school, elementary school, or middle school? Read about Montessori principles to find out!

We are currently offering in-person tours of CMS.    

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CMS Summer Camp

CMS is pleased to offer two summer camp sessions in Summer 2021! Please visit our Summer Camp page for more information and to register:
  • “I am so proud of the efforts that our staff have made to adapt, evolve, and implement in-person and distance learning at all of the levels that we serve, 18 months through 8th grade.”

    Robb Wirts
    Head of School
  • “At Chesapeake Montessori, we view ourselves not only as a great school for our local community but also as a beacon for Montessori education throughout the region. We have come together again as a community, face to face, but we must always remember that we are a community, dedicated to Montessori education and to the unique experiences for learning it provides our children, no matter if we are on our campuses or in our homes.”

    Dan Sonnett
  • “Humans can be remarkably creative and resilient. This is a moment to let those skills shine.”

    Jenny Wyrick
    Young Children's Community 1 Teacher
  • “This is a social crisis, not a school crisis. If we provide preparation for ourselves, as adults, the hope is our children will be prepared to meet their crises head-on in their generations.”

    Robb Wirts
    Head of School